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The Grinnell Basketball Offensive System

Posted on May 28, 2010 at 4:43 PM

The Grinnell basketball system is named after Grinnell College in Iowa. Coach Dave Arsenault developed the system to help the team get a winning season for the first time in over two decades. Coach the Grinnell system by emphasizing speed and shooting.

Step 1

Forget traditional basketball. Coach the Grinnell system by choosing players who are very fast, have a decent shot and think quickly to make the best of transitions.

Step 2

Coach two or three press combinations for defense. One of the key components of the Grinnell system is to force turnovers of the basketball (aim for 32 turnovers per game). Players should transition to the press quickly and play it as tightly as possible.

Step 3

Coach shooting from all angles and all spots on the floor. The object of the Grinnell system is to take at least 100 shots per game, with over half of these being three-pointers.

Step 4

Run and rotate players on quick shifts. The success of Grinnell basketball depends on speed of the kind that wears out and dazzles the opponent. Rotate five fresh players every one-and-a-half to two minutes.

Step 5

Work on offensive rebounds. Because the system emphasizes so much shooting, players need to follow their shots and others on the team need to re-bound.

Step 6

De-emphasize traditional defense. This means the other team scores a lot, but your team scores more. You want enough players out of the key, even on defense, to be in place for the long shot when your team gets the ball.

See the Grinnell basketball system in action with this short video...

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Have you heard of Coach Dave Arsenault and the

Grinnell college pioneers?

You might have seen him featured in Sports Illustrated,

or ESPN The Magazine... or on ABC Sports?

Over the past 17 years, they've won 13 NCAA scoring

titles and 4 MWC conference championships.

What's their secret?

A zany, frenetic style of play known simply as

"The System."

How does it work?

=> For starters, you try to get up 100 shots per game...

with at least HALF of those as three-pointers.

If you're open... jack it up... ideally within the first

12 seconds of the shot clock.

=> You also train your kids to crash the boards like a

pack of crazed bloodhounds.

And, on defense, run an intense full-court trapping

press from tip-off to buzzer.

=> You'll need to keep your players' legs fresh. So

you can use "hockey-style" 5-man line substitutions.

Sounds strange, I know... but it works like crazy!


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